Unlucky 13!

Data released by Rightmove reveals houses numbered 13 have the lowest average value compared to other properties numbered 1 to 100 with the highest value houses being number 1.

Whilst it is considered unlucky by many, analysts have discovered that house hunters who are happy to live in a property numbered 13 could get a bargain.

Rightmove decided to analyse valuations of more than 10 million properties in Britain.  The data showed houses with the apparently unlucky number were typically valued at £354,793 - £5,333 lower than the average of £360,126.

Houses numbered 1 were the most sought after - averaging more than £30,000 higher in value at £393,690. Properties with the so-called lucky number 7 typically had an above-average value of £365,590.

Karl Judd Ashtons MD commented “I think it’s fair to say that we are not a particularly superstitious business although some of our developer clients choose to skip number 13 on their plot numbers going straight from number 12 to 14.  So, I guess that links us to appeasing superstitious property buyers”.  Karl went on to add “I can’t honestly say we’ve ever approached any property valuation differently based on its house number, whether it be 13, 1 or indeed 7.  That said the data indicated that a buyer might get a better deal if they choose a number 13 from us next time they move home!”.

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