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Email Disclaimer

The information received from Ashtons Holdings Ltd & associated companies via email, including any attachments is confidential and may be the subject of legal, professional, or other privilege. It is for authorised use by the intended recipients(s) only. It should not be copied or disclosed to any third party. If you have received an email in error, the contents should be destroyed immediately and removed from your system. Further information regarding our Privacy Policy, including data collection can be found here www.ashtons.co.uk/privacy. Ashtons Holdings Ltd have taken reasonable steps to try and ensure this email and any attachments are free from any virus, however, we advise that you carry out your own virus checks before opening any attachment.

Please note: There is no guarantee that any email you send will be received by Ashtons Holdings Ltd or that the confidentiality of that email will be maintained during internet transmission.

Legal information regarding Ashtons Holding Ltd & associated companies:

Ashtons Holdings Ltd

Company Registration Number: 14012113

Ashtons (Estate Agents) Limited

Company Registration Number: 02855291

ICO Registration Number: Z6786586

Ashtons Residential Lettings Limited

Company Registration Number: 03778193

ICO Registration Number: Z8383249

Putterills of Hertfordshire (Land and Development Ltd)

Company Registration Number: 04494295

ICO Registration Number: ZA282623

Aitchisons Residential Limited

Company Registration Number: 12444651

ICO Registration Number: Z6786586

Ashtons Commercial Limited

Company Registration Number: 14256740

Ashtons Equestrian Limited

Company Registration Number: 14256677

Ashtons Land and New Homes Ltd

Company Registration Number: 14121114

Ashwells Mortgage Services Limited

Company Registration Number: 11965939

ICO Registration Number: ZA524058