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No More EPC Enigmas

One significant recent development is the Government's change of heart regarding its earlier commitment to raise Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards to an EPC C in the private rented sector.

Initially, when these proposals were unveiled, there was a lack of clarity, leaving landlords in a state of uncertainty regarding deadlines and financial support. However, in July, Housing Secretary Michael Gove acknowledged that we might have been asking too much of landlords, and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has now confirmed the abandonment of plans to mandate these upgrades.

This news comes as a sigh of relief for many UK landlords some of whom had expressed their intention to exit the UK rental market ahead of the planned legislation. For others, it's been seen as an opportunity to consider how best to upgrade their property and see both an increased yield and to also offer a better living environment and cost savings on items such as heat and light for their tenants.

At Ashtons, we are delighted to see a good number of our Landlords continually investing and improving their rental portfolio ensuring that our rental stock is one of the best in the local industry in terms of quality and refinement.

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