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Extraordinary relationships!

Following a surprise fall in inflation last week, mortgage holders have been offered some relief and positive news after the Bank of England kept interest rates on hold for the first time in two years following 14 consecutive rises! Whilst the economic climate remains uncertain, choosing the right estate agent is critical and Ashtons purpose continues to focus on offering total peace of mind to their clients.

Whilst many estate agents view themselves as part of the 'property business', simply selling and renting out buildings and land, we at Ashtons see it differently. We believe we are in the 'people business.' Every decision we make, from our marketing strategies to our hiring choices, revolves around fostering and nurturing exceptional relationships. Our core values centre around transparency, building trust and providing certainty in the often challenging, lengthy, and complex process of moving home. Our teams are highly energised and enthusiastic and we frequently form close bonds and many of our clients become good friends. One of the joys of our work is staying in touch with these people, often for many years hence, offering free advice, regular updates, or simply catching up for a friendly chat.

Our most valuable assets are our people. Dynamic, focused, and compassionate individuals who exude confidence through their expertise and passion and aligned with our cultural values. A shining example of this dedication is when one of our viewing guides noticed an overgrown garden during a property visit. The elderly owner couldn't tend to it, so our guide returned with a lawnmower to tidy it up in her own time.

Moving home is an experience that should never be undervalued or left to chance. Click here to discover what our clients have to say about their experiences with Ashtons and if you are seeking a personable, productive, and professional relationship with people who care, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we would be thrilled to assist you on your journey.

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